What if “AVS Mismatch” error message pops up?

If during the checkout process, an error message pops up with the following error message: “AVS Mismatch," please don't panic.  This is simply the system telling you that there's a discrepancy between the address that's been entered on the site and the billing address that's associated with the credit card. 

Please double-check the address information that has been entered.  The system can be very picky if the address entered doesn't match the billing address exactly.  Tiny typos and/or alterations of street names can cause the system to bring back a mismatch.

If you've tried to re-enter the info and you're still getting the error message, please contact our customer care team and provide the billing address, shipping address, phone number, email address, credit card type, method of shipment, and any other info that might be helpful.  Don't worry, we’ll get it figured out. 
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